It all started with a mistake in the title, who would have thought?

A Dream that I nourished, pampered, day by day with dedication, love and passion until it became the great successfull Event that’s nowdays. And you should attend it at least once in a lifetime.

For this new adventure I will go once again on stage with all my artists. Under the magical direction of the omnipresent Casanova, you will enter a world of lights, music and magic that gives life to what I called, with no hesitation, The Ball of Dreams!


Once the booking is confirmed, no refunds will be provided in any case. Due to the high number of requests for the Event, we are forced to establish strict cancellation policies, which do not provide any refund.

In case of our cancellation of the Event, your reservation will be automatically renewed for the following year’s edition. Any other reason for cancellation (inability to travel in the country/area of origin) cannot be recognized. We therefore recommend the issuance of private insurance to the customer.